Samir Fouad

Date of birth 5/16/1944

Samir Fouad was born in Heliopolis, Cairo, in 1944 and brought up in an art- loving environment which influenced his abilities. From his elder brother, who was a talented artist, he received his first lessons long before he went to school.
Although he graduated from Cairo University in 1966 as an engineer, and since then worked in the computer field, his love for art did not subside, especially his love for watercolours. He continued to self-develop, by reading and visiting galleries and museums, particularly in England which he frequently visited as a computer professional. During this period he was influenced by the British watercolourists, notably Turner and Russell Flint.
In 1977 he met Sabry Ragheb who helped him develop his abilities, then in 1979 he met Hassan Soliman with whom he studied until 1982.
Samir Fouad has been actively participating as a professional artist in the Egyptian art movement since 1984 and his work in watercolours is considered outstanding. He has now retired from his job and has been solely devoted to his art since the beginning of 2001.


  • One-man exhibition, Stevenage, England, 1970
  • Zonta Club Exhibition, Nairobi, Kenya, 1975
  • One-man exhibition, Heliopolis Club, 1978
  • Spring Exhibition, Cairo 1978
  • Eleven Figurative Artists, Italian Cultural Centre, Cairo, 1984
  • Contemporary Portraits in Egypt, Italian Cultural Centre, Cairo, 1985
  • Forty-three Artists, Cairo Atelier, 1987
  • Contemporary Portraits in Egypt, American University in Cairo, 1990
  • Watercolourists, Mervat Masoud Gallery, Cairo, 1992
  • One-man Show, Watercolours, El-Hanager, Cairo, 1997
  • Nedaa Society Exhibition, El-Hanager, Cairo, 1997
  • The Pastellists' Exhibition, Picasso Gallery, Cairo, 1997
  • Five Watercolourists' Exhibition, Duroub Gallery, Cairo, 1998
  • Nedaa Society Exhibition, Shumoua Gallery, Cairo, 1998
  • One-man Exhibition, Oil Paintings, El-Hanager, Cairo, 1999
  • Eight Artists' Exhibition, Cairo Atelier, 2000
  • Spring Exhibition, Salama Gallery, Cairo, 2001
  • Art Bouquet Exhibition, Duroub Gallery, Cairo, 2001
  • Palestine Exhibition, El-Hanager, Cairo, 2001
  • Private Collection Exhibition, Picasso GaUery, Cairo, 2001
  • Small Pieces' Exhibition, Duroub GaHery, Cairo, 2001

Art Works