Mostafa El-Razaz

Date of birth 5/10/1939

Education Joined the Higher Institute of Art Education and graduated in 1965.
Master in art education, 1972.
Studies in arts and crafts, University of Oslo, 1974. Ph.D. in philosophy, University of New York Blno, 1979.   Membership - Member of the Art Lovers Society .
- Member of the Fine Artists Association.
- Member of Cairo Atelier Group of Artists and Writers.
- Member of committees of the Supreme Council of Culture.
- Founding member of the World Federation of the Critics (AICA).   Jobs Dean of the Faculty of Specific Education for Arts and Music, previously. Professor of design, Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University.
Head of the Egyptian Society of Folk Art.
Chairman of the Art Education Curriculum Development Committee.
Chief Editor of ‘Fine Arts’ magazine of the Supreme Council of Culture.
Chief Editor of ‘the new culture’ magazine of the General Authority of Cultural Palaces.   Places of interest Cairo   Solo shows Ekhnaton art gallery (1966, 68, 69, 89, 91, 1997).
Cairo Atelier, 1967.
Art gallery of Goethe Institute.
Faculty of Applied Arts art gallery, 1980.
Art gallery of corner artists in Maadi, 1981.
Alexandria Exhibition 1987.
City of Aswan Exhibition, 1988.
Egyptian Center for International Cultural Cooperation in Zamalek, March 1995.
Zamalek Arts Center, (1986, 1987, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1994, and 1998.
Exhibition art gallery de Lvov – Rotterdam, Netherlands, 1971. Exhibition at art gallery Egyptian Arts Academy in Rome, 1972.
‘Exhibition’ art gallery in Tunisia, 1973.
Exhibition at Johannes Jalten art gallery, Oslo, Norway, 1974.
Exhibition at art gallery of Arts and Culture, Blolilo, Sweden, 1975.
Exhibition at Angel Brikt art gallery, (Stockholm). Exhibition at Attiom art gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark, 1975.
Cesti art gallery in America 1977.
Exhibition at the University of Hartford, United States Connecticut, America, 1978.
Glen art gallery (San Simon) Iceland.
Exhibition at Gorica art gallery -America.
Solo exhibition at Zamalek Arts Center, October 1999.
Solo exhibition at Zamalek Arts Center, 2002.   Local exhibitions The first group exhibition of Axis Group, 1981.
The second group exhibition of Axis Group, 1982. Participated in the majority of group exhibitions, competitions and local salons of Cairo, spring, Arab history and applied art, the 21st General Art Exhibition, an exhibition of tourist posters and exhibitions of youth and Vanguard, the High Dam and Art and Work.
- Exhibition `Supporting the Palestinian Intifada,` Round Gallery of Fine Artists Association, Egyptian Opera House in Cairo, 2000.
The 28th National Art Exhibition, 2003.
The Premiere Black and White Drawing Salon in Gezira Arts Center, May 2004.
The 7th Salon of Mini Works of Art, 2004.
- Exhibition entitled (Music), with artist Ahmed Nawar, artist Ahmed Fouad Selim, at Ekhnaton (2,3) art gallery, Zamalek Arts Center, April 2005.
The Premiere Sculpturing Salon of Noble Material, Arts Palace, (special invitation).
The 3rd National Graphic Exhibition, 2005.
The 29th National Art Exhibition, 2005.
- Exhibition at Gogan art gallery in Heliopolis on the occasion of the commemoration of the passage of half a century of the departure of the leading artist Ahmad Sabry, 2006.   International exhibitions The First Baghdad Arab Biennale.
Western New York Artists Exhibition, America.
The Egyptian Contemporary Art Exhibition in Beijing China.
Paris Biennale.
Exhibition of ‘Egypt Today’ in the United States of America.
Venice Biennale.
Axis Group in Asila, Morocco.
Cairo Biennale.
Arabs Biennale, Baghdad. Sofia, Bahrain, Jordan, Rome Havana, Biennale, (exhibitor and commissaire).
Sao Paulo Biennale exhibitor and commissaire.
Roving exhibition in Latin America.
Venice Biennale.
Baghdad International Exhibition.
Montreal International Exhibition.
Brussels –Berlin.
Alexandria Biennale.
Paris –Algeria.
Participated in many binnales in each of: Venice, Paris, Cairo, Baghdad, Sao Polo, Havana, India, and Alexandria.
Surrealists Exhibition on margin of Salvador Dali Exhibition in Egypt, 1995.
The 2nd Fiction Writers Biennale in Bibliotheca Alexandrina, 2005.
Artist Book Exhibition, Gezira Arts Center, June 2006.   Scholarship Sabbatical leave of art production for a year in 1968.
Scholarship at the University of Oslo, Norway, 1974.   Assignment Member and head of the jury committees of competitions and international biennales, manages and participates in conferences, symposia and seminars on art, culture and art education in Egypt and the Arab world, Europe, Asia and America since 1979.
Chairman of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd National Fine Arts Forum, the Supreme Council of Culture.
Chairman of Fine Arts Committee of the Supreme Council of Culture. Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Exhibitions, Supreme Council of Culture.   Publications and activities A dozen research studies on art, artists, heritage and cultural issues.   Local recognition Prize of the 41st Cairo Salon (painting).
Prize of competition of ‘Glories of the Revolution’ (painting).
Prize of the High Dam competition (painting).
Prize of Young Artists Competition (sculpture).
Medal for ceramic, gold medal in batik from Applied Art Exhibition, Cairo.
Awards, medals and certificates of appreciation from the local public competitions.
Certificate of Appreciation from Sofia International Exhibition, Bulgaria. Commemorated at the 26th National Art Exhibition, 1999.   International recognition Certificate of Appreciation from Sofia International Exhibition, Bulgaria.   State collection The Modern Art Museum in Cairo.
Presidential Palace in Cairo. The Informative Authority in Cairo.
Ministries of Higher Education, the High Dam Foreign and Education.
Al-Ahram Foundation.
Fine Arts Lovers Society. Egyptian Arts Academy of Rome.
Museum of Fine Arts Faculty Menia, Egypt.
Museum of the University of Baldwin Wallace for Middle East Contemporary Arts, Ohio, United States.
Museum of Art and Education Institute of Blolio (Norewton, Sweden).
The Sweden Artists Fedration, (Norewton), Sweden.
Venus Heart Association and Cultural Rights (Stockholm, Sweden).
A special group of countries in different parts of the world:
Museum of Modern Art Amman, Jordan.
Museum Titograd, Yugoslavia.
Bahrain National Group.

Art Works