Mohamed Sabry

Date of birth 12/21/1917

-The style of this creative artist is realism. Yet, realism includes various styles and trends both in art and literature; all what the eye sees is reflected in the mind which turns it into an innovative form. One of these trends is Documentary (academic) Realism in which artists paint on walls of the closed studios in schools of art, and this kind buries talents and every attempt to discover artists personal abilities. There is also Analytical (scientific) Realism which is emanating from the previous one; yet not in the closed studious, but rather coming out facing nature, lights, air to process colours which they reaches after analysing light into its constituent colours . One of the outcomes of this study is Theory of Integration in colours which motivated a number of French painters to go out in open air waiting for what we see in the rainbow and through the analytical prism of light, and pursuting light and freedom of expression; those were called impressionists such as those who went out in the Fontanbelo town and Parbizone Village.
-Mohammed Sabry`s art belongs to Impressionistic Realism which knows no deception; his true emotions are obvious in his paintings which display to us folk districts and landscapes in Old Cairo, Aswan, Spanish and Moroccan regions useing Bastil colours which he mastered to acheive his purposes in forming aesthetic values which he seeks without any effort, hesitation or ambiguity.
-Mohammed Sabry is the only one among the contemporary Egyptian artists who uses Bastil in painting. Some people may call Bastil randomly as chalk which is a wrong assimilation , and one cannot confuse between them neither in saing or use. the difference between them is like that between Watercolour, Gwash and Acrelick colours though all of them are dissolved in water to be used; yet they are not alike.
-For Mohammed Sabry freedom of expression means no control since it is that kind of freedom which indicates commitment, and true expression of his emotions, agitations, feelings and his will; just as every free artist who knows how to speake the lnaguage which he is good at ,prefers and stick to, without any obligation or submission to what is imposed on him, or even following any sudden emotion.
- It is true that Mohammed Sabry has loved Bastil, as he found in it the tool that helps him to acheive his own self-fulfillment. But he never stopped painting with oil colours, or watercolours. Despite the difference between these materials and also between the ways of using them, he was able to reflect in his paintings his emotions, and how he is affected with the beauty in everything he sees. For he may sometimes turn this beauty into light colours by delecate touches with confidence, accuracy, and without hesitation. Yet, in some other times, he turns his paintings to a violent conflict among bright colours, dark colours, and the reflections between them. In other paintings one can see colours like air saturated with water, or endless sky.

Sedqy El-Gbakhngy
After the first exhibition he had, 1950

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