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Engy Aflaton is Egyptian painter, she was born in Cairo in 16/04/1926 in palace of Cairo palaces, She died in 17/04/1989, She studied in SACRÉ-CŒUR school (Frensh school), She grew up between Cairo & aflaton manor in Kafr Shokr (Kafr Shokr is a small village in Egypt), In Kafr Shokr & its wonderful natural scenes for real Egyptian country & seeing the simple life there, Engy aflaton started interesting in Fine arts, Her father Hassan Pasha Aflaton brought a teacher in Arts for her, & in the first of 1940's when she was in 17 years old she studied by the great Egyptian artist Kamel Altelemsani who explain learn her every thing about arts within 1942 & 1945, when she started creating her own art she poured all her feelings, emotions, fears, concerns & expectations in her works, Engy Aflaton continued through her artistic life journey builds & consolidates her own social expressions, & She closed to her social concerns & suffering which is appears in her picture (divorce), Engy Aflaton was deplore & condemn all kind of abusing peoples sweats & efforts, regarding to her belief that the battle of life it is not only for men she already confirmed that by several works appearing women when they working as men for example in her picture ( we will never forget) in 1951 which appeared women of Egypt when they are walking beside Egyptian men in martyrs funeral, Engy Aflaton while her artistic journey turns from subjectivity to substantive to which was like a Embers fire raging, after she was a individual rebel on all traditional styles for beauty & closing to all surrealism & expressionism style & meaning, which was shocked for public taste in the Conservative minds in 1940's, her revolution developed appeared in style we can call it social expressionism, its basis is screaming against all kind of injustice & tyranny in cultural, familiar relationships which is built on oppression, political & economical situations in this era, & all that are reflected in her works which exhibited in her privet exhibition which was established in march 1952 before the Egyptian army's revolution in 23 July 1952 by 4 months only although after the great Cairo fire, in this works the colors was dim & dark in addition to the strong touches for her brushes & deliberated distortion for forms to achieve the strong angry expression even if it was adversely effected on Beauty of expression, Engy Aflaton was arrested in the last of 1950's & she spent tow months detained & she escaped from the prison to Kafr Shokr & she lived there disguised in peasant form & through this period she participated in some organizational meetings then she was arrested again & detained in Alwahat prison, there she started the journey of strikes until she was released in 1962, the most important works for Engy Aflaton are 1- Oven & flood 2- hay porters, she has a several versions 1- 80 millions women with us 2- We Egyptian women 3- Peace & Evacuation.
Engy Alflaton gained a lot of prizes & medals. Engy Aflaton style is considered as expressionism

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