Nazli Madkour

·      Nazli Madkour … Born in Cairo where she lives and works. She received her Masters Degree in Political Economy from the American University in Cairo. In 1981 she resigned her post of Economic Expert at the Industrial Development Centre for Arab States (Arab League, Cairo) to concentrate on art.   ·       Major one-person exhibitions: 1982, The American Cultural Center, Cairo - 1982, Morgan State University, Baltimore, USA - 1983, Akhenaton 2 Gallery, Center of Arts, Cairo - 1984, The Mairy of the City of Ottawa, Canada - 1984, Akhenaton 1 Gallery, Cairo - 1985, The Egyptian Cultural Center, Paris, France - 1986, Akhenaton 1 Gallery, Cairo - 1987, Arts and Crafts Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland - 1988, Akhenaton 1 Gallery, Cairo - 1990, Akhenaton 1 Gallery, Cairo - 1991, Alexandria Atelier, Alexandria - 1992, Akhenaton 1 Gallery, Cairo - 1993, Galerie Horus, Munich, Germany - 1994, Al-Hanager Gallery, Cairo - 1995, Galerie Cairo-Berlin, Cairo - 1996, Al-Hanager Gallery, Cairo - 1998, Akhenaton 1 Gallery, Cairo -1999, Nukaga Gallery, Tokyo, Japan - 1999 Safar Khan Gallery, Cairo -1999, Touring exhibition at the Palaces of Culture of Aswan, Minya and Alexandria - 1999 Al Dukkan Gallery, Manama, Bahrain - 2000 Safar Khan Gallery , Cairo - 2001 Akhenaton 1 Gallery, Cairo - 2001 gallery of the Egyption Academy in Rome - 2002 & 2003 Safar Khan Gallery, Cairo - 2004 Le Corbusier Centre, Firminy, France - 2005 Al hanager Gallery, Cairo - 2005 Le Sofitel du Palais de Versailles, Versailles, France - 2006 Zamalek Gallery, Cairo – 2007 Safar Khan Gallery, Cairo; Art Korner Gallery ,The Hague, Holland; Kyoto Institute of Technology gallery, Kyoto, Japan; the Egyptian Cultural Centre in Rome, Italy – 2009 Safar Khan Gallery, Cairo; Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, UK – 2011 Ofok Gallery at the Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil Museum In Cairo - 2012 Safar Khan Gallery, Cairo.   ·       Since 1981 took part in several group exhibitions in Egypt and abroad, in Portugal, Germany, Italy, France, Lebanon, Sharjah, Kuwait, Greece, Japan, the UK, the Arab Women Artists exhibition, “Forces of Change” held in the USA 1993-1995, the exhibition of Egyptian Women Artists held in Beijing (China) in September 1995 (which she also curated) , in March 1996 at “Art 54” Gallery in Soho, New York (USA), in August 1997 the Unesco Exhibition of Creative Women Artists of the Mediterranean and the Black Seas, Thessaloniki (Greece), and from April to June 1998, in “L’Art du Monde” exhibition curated by Beaux-Arts Magazine in Paris, France. Also participated in the Sharjah International Biennales of 1997 and of 1999 and the Cairo International Biennale of 1998. In november 1999 took part in the "Médecins sans Frontières" event: "The World’s Longest Painting" in Dubai, the Emirates, in 2001 in "Ateliers Arabes" exhibition in Beirut in October and Damascus in November, in September 2002 in an international show at the Casa International Delle Donne in Rome, Italy, in January 2003 in the exhibition "Whispers from the other River" at the World Bank in Washington D.C., USA, in October 2004 in a exhibition of Arab art at the Frankfurt Book Fair, and in March 2004 took part in the Emaar Symposium in Dubai, the Emirates. Exhibited in 2009 at the Torino Book Fair, in Art 2009  in Toronto Canada and in Art Dialog: Orientation in Bonn, Germany.   ·       Acquisitions by the Egyptian Museum of Modern Art, the National Cultural Center (The Opera), the Conference Center (Nasr City, Cairo), the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts (Amman, Jordan), the National Bank of Egypt, the Arab Bank Limited, Al-Ahram Foundation, Akhbar Al Yom Foundation, the British Council, the Sharjah Museum, the New Hall Art Collection, Cambridge University, UK, the Mizuta Museum in Japan and private collections in Egypt and in a number of foreign countries.   ·      Took part in The Second International Symposium of SANART, Ankara, Turkey, May 1995. Was Member of the Plastic Arts Committee of the Supreme Council for Culture from 2002 to 2005.Participated in the  XVIIth INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF AESTHETICS, Ankara, Turkey, july 2007. Was artist in residence at the Hague Vrije Academie in Holland in May/June 2007. Attended the Luxor international art symposium in December 2010.   Member of the international Jury for the XII Cairo Biennale, December 2010. Head of the jury of the 23rd Youth Salon in April 2012.   ·      Author of the book “Egyptian Women and Artistic Creativity” published in arabic in 1989 by the Association of Arab Women Solidarity, and published in english under the title « Women and Art in Egypt » by the State Information Department in 1993.   Illustrated a deluxe edition of Nobel Laureate Naguib Mahfouz’s book "Arabian Days and Nights" published by "The Limited Editions Club", New York, USA, in 2005. The book, the original designs and the portfolio containing ten ‘giclee’ prints were first exhibited at the Corcoran Gallery, In Washington D.C. (USA) in June 2005.  They were since exhibited in Egypt, Holland, Japan, Canada, the UK, Italy, Switzerland and 

Art Works