Start date : 14 May, 2014    End date : 19 Jun, 2014

Art Works

We are born to live and die ruled by laws, canons, regulations, measures, do’s and do-not’s. They are injected in our brains, hammered into our conscience and impregnated into our behavior and way of thinking. In art, as in any other activities we perform, we are guided by what we were taught as the right way of doing things; it is the result of the accumulation of human experience with all the trimmings and well-tempering, layer after layer, generation after generation. But with all this pruning, we lose some of this wonderful asset we are endowed with which is the ability to improvise, to fly free, unrestrained by the force of gravity, wandering wherever the whim will take us. But the beauty of improvisation and the thrill of bending the rules could prove very precarious and going back to order remains the inevitable in order to avoid chaos; but glowing inside us will remain this sensation we experienced when we broke free, nagging us to try it again.

Samir FouadMarch 2014